Subaru XV Concept

Subaru-XV-concept-101-876x535Mild-mannered Subaru continues to be on something of the concept-vehicle bender recently, first busting the Impreza 5-door hatch concept last October, that was rapidly adopted the following month with a sedan counterpart, the appropriately named Impreza sedan concept. The most recent concept to determine the sunshine of day may be the Subaru XV, a very finely veiled look in the approaching 2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek. Introduced within the U.S. like a 2013 model, the XV Crosstrek is essentially a lifted form of the Impreza hatchback, so it seems sensible this XV concept would debut so right after another Impreza show qualities.

The XV concept’s exterior styling hews carefully towards the precedent set through the earlier concept cars, changing the present Crosstrek’s soft edges with angles and creases. Subaru is looking the styling theme its “next-generation DYNAMIC & SOLID design philosophy,” making us should also capitalize VARIOUS words. (We’ll skip the ampersand-it ain’t our style.) Hyperbole or otherwise, you cannot disregard the dramatic character lines running the whole profile from the vehicle, which wears one known as Glacier Khaki. The sculpted profile faintly echoes that of the present Nissan Murano, and also the form of the black spoiler over the rear window is also very on-trend so far as crossovers go. Matte-black cladding runs across the lower sills and also the wheel arches to own XV a butch look. Exactly the same matte plastic seems around the front bumper and fascia, which frames dramatically honed headlamps. Much like individuals from the Impreza concepts, the taillight enclosures echo the form from the car headlights inside a nod to symmetry, both teams of lamps have small, honed ends that could indicat the center of the vehicle and play into the prominent character line. As right in front, a mix of silver, black, and orange (Subaru calls it “Active Orange”) highlights the trunk. 19-inch, five-spoke wheels put on 245/50 Bridgestone tires and several Active Orange accents to tie the colour plan together.

Calculating 61.8 inches high and 75.9 inches wide, the XV concept is much more than 3.5 inches wider and nearly 2. inches less than the present XV Crosstrek. Its 177.9-inch length spans nearly three inches more than the present car’s, as the wheelbase is extended a good inch . 5 to 105.1.

Drivetrain particulars are basically nonexistent at this time, but there’s little question the XV you’ll have the ability to buy will receive a powertrain plucked from Subaru’s sparsely populated engine selection. The present Crosstrek runs a 148-hp 2.-liter flat-four mated to some five-speed manual or perhaps a CVT all-wheel drive is obviously standard. It’s likely the two. will return, even though the manual may receive another forward ratio to provide six speeds. A hybrid XV Crosstrek can also be presently available, so we expect Subaru to provide it again.

The little-crossover segment is white-colored-hot, and Subaru has leveraged the present XV Crosstrek to the considerable advantage. That success isn’t entirely surprising, because the company’s AWD wagons were charging through Vermont snowdrifts lengthy prior to the word “crossover” would be a glint within the eye of some marketing type. It’ll be interesting to find out if the XV concept’s sharp creases reach the development Crosstrek intact-in addition to individuals around the hatch and sedan, for instance-or maybe Subaru will get self-conscious and dials it well a little.


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